MADE SOUTH hosted the extraordinary release of their “first batch” of the Southern Whiskey Society presented by Peter Nappi on Saturday, August 5, 2017 at The Factory, a beautiful and rustic space in downtown Franklin, Tennessee. Southern Whiskey Society is an event we’re sure will become an annual must-attend event for bourbon and food enthusiasts from across the region.

Eat Y’all was so honored to partner with MADE SOUTH to host the Chef Spotlights at this event that featured an extraordinary array of inspiring Southern grown and made ingredients like Simmons Catfish, Graham Shrimp Co., Two Brooks Farm and many more (see below for details!).

The night consisted of 30+ Southern whiskey tastings, an array of unique and creative guest experiences from folks like Peter Nappi, Blue Delta Jeans, Tesla and more. And of course, there were the Eat Y’all Chef Spotlights featuring 9 uh-mazing Southern chefs cooking their hearts out sharing regional flavors from their states. And you know we want to share all the tasty details with you in case you missed out on this year’s event. (We’re also guessing you won’t let that happen again after you see these pictures!)

Thank you to our farmers and makers:
Graham Shrimp Co.
Two Brooks Farm
Simmons Catfish
Southern Grown Peanuts
Delta Grind
Bill E.’s Bacon
Broken Arrow Ranch
Cruze Farm Buttermilk
Home Place Pastures
Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese
Linden Plantation Honey
Shuckman’s Fish Co.

Thank you to our amazing award-winning Chefs:
Cole Ellis | Delta Meat Market | Cleveland, MS
David Bancroft | Acre | Auburn, AL
Jean-Paul Bogeouis | Blue Smoke | New York City, NY
Jeremiah Bacon | The Macintosh | Charleston, SC
Jesse Morris | Killerchefs | Richardson, TX
Kelly Fields | Willa Jean | New Orleans, LA
Matt Bolus | The 404 Kitchen | Nashville, TN
Scott Serpas | Serpas True Food | Atlanta, GA
Annie Pettry | Decca | Louisville, KY

These chefs worked hard to share the story of their corner of the South to each of their dishes, and even though they are big names in the culinary world, they also have humble hearts and were an absolute pleasure to work with. We would like to give a huge thank you to our chefs and our amazing ingredient partners who made these Chef Spotlights possible at this inaugural Southern Whiskey Society.


Cole Ellis | Delta Meat Market | Cleveland, MS

Cole brought Mississippi flavor to the event with his bourbon blazed pork cheeks with candied ramp jam, grits + honey bourbon and clabbered cream. Yum!

*Featuring: Home Place Pastures Pork + Delta Grind Corn Grits + Linden Plantation Honey

David Bancroft | Acre | Auburn, AL

David not only brought his humor, but also his one-of-a-kind pecan smoked catfish “Sammiches” with sweet corn “chow chow” and Alabama White Sauce. He shared great flavor and the great stories of his family’s history in the catfish farming business.

*Featuring: Simmons Catfish

Jean-Paul Bourgeois | Blue Smoke | New York City, NY

Nothing like a New York twist on Louisiana cuisine! Jean-Paul’s skillet fried boudin with Tabasco pepper jelly was a winning combination that kept us coming back for more. And yes, we’ve got Tabasco pepper jelly on order for our own pantry – love a new flavor combo discovery!

*Featuring: Bill E.’s Bacon + Two Brooks Farm Rice

Jeremiah Bacon | The Macintosh | Charleston, SC

Something special: Jeremiah’s Swordfish bologna with pickled pepper tartar sauce. For many, this was at first a stretch of their culinary experience that was immediately welcomed with a big Southern hug.

*Featuring: Wild Caught South Carolina Swordfish

Jesse Morris | Killerchefs | Richardson, TX

A truly Texan dish: Jalapeno + garlic wild hog sausage with rice grits, coconut cabbage + corn “Sabayon.” No wonder folks were hanging out around his table all night long…

*Featuring: Broken Arrow Ranch + Two Brooks Farm Rice

Kelly Fields | Willa Jean | New Orleans, LA

Pretty to look at, even better to eat: Kelly’s whipped chocolate + Southern peanuts with candied bacon and whiskey was a sweet treat.

*Featuring: Southern Grown Peanuts

Matt Bolus | The 404 Kitchen | Nashville, TN

Matt didn’t have to travel far for this event, but he brought a lot of taste with him. White shrimp aquachile, with cucumber, red pepper, and buttermilk got our attention and kept us coming back for more!

*Featuring: Graham Shrimp Co. + Cruze Farm Buttermilk

Scott Serpas | Serpas True Food | Atlanta, GA

Scott brought us some amazing crispy oysters with creamed collards, grits + pickled chiles. We can’t wait to work with Scott again at our Tasting Spotlights at the upcoming MADE SOUTH in Atlanta.

*Featuring: Gulf oysters + Delta Grind Corn Grits

Annie Pettry | Decca | Louisville, KY

Annie welcomed guests to Southern Whiskey Society with her twist on cheesestraws. Cheesestraws + Spoonfish Caviar + Benedictine equals a whole lot of happy magic in the mouth!

*Featuring: Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese + Shuckman’s Fish Co. Spoonfish Caviar


A beautiful and rustic location for a whiskey event, the Factory at Franklin gave us the Southern-feel of a good time.

The Franklin Farmer’s Market happened the morning of event day, so we were able to swing by and grab some gorgeous local-grown flowers to add a special pop of color to our Chef Spotlight tables.

Found at a whiskey event: lots of whiskey! Many Southern whiskey brands set up throughout the Factory for the guests to try.

Two bars were located in The Factory serving Eli Mason bourbon cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Mint Julep and Peach Old Fashioned – our favorite!

Live music from the band MamaDear gave us nice Southern background music.

Nine Chef Spotlights were set up throughout the event to give people a nice Southern variety to fill their tummies while they swapped stories with the chefs.

Goodie bags for the guests.

Sweet details featuring Southern grown peanuts by Chef Kelly Fields.

A sous chef in action at Chef Matt Bolus’ station.

Big names. Humble hearts. What an awesome group to work with!

Overall, Southern Whiskey Society was a huge success and a great Southern party!

A huge thank you to MADE SOUTH, the event sponsors and our chefs and ingredient farmers and makers – as well as everyone who came out to make it the great night that it was! See you next year!



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