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At EATYALL, every podcast episode is a gateway to better ingredients. Join us as we walk around Sherwood Acres beef farm in LaGrange, Kentucky, where we dive into learning how Kentucky beef is raised. 

This week, we have the honor of speaking with several chefs. Chef Philip Cronin and Chef Michael Krafft, chefs at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse in Lexington, KY. Cronin is co-owner at Kismet also in Lexington. This episode also features Jon Bednarski, owner and farmer at Sherwood Acres and Katelyn Hawkins from the Kentucky Beef Council. While visiting, the chefs learned it takes much longer than a few months to add delicious and beautiful marbling (flavor and nutrition) on beef.

We discussed two of the vital ingredients for optimal marbling, energy and nutrition of the animals. Just like we learned about dairy farms in Episode 32, there’s plenty of different things that need attention when working at a beef farm to keep the animals healthy and happy including monitoring of farm temperature and climate changes, grazing patterns of the animal and carcass quality.

Listen as we dive into the world of beef cattle with our guest chefs! 

Thanks to our partner for this week’s episode:

This episode of the EATYALL Podcast is made possible through a partnership with the Kentucky Beef Council. Kentucky Beef Council is an organization working for Kentucky cattle producers in areas of promotion, education and research. 

Learn more about Sherwood Acres Beef on their website and Facebook page

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