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We are a diverse group of shepherds who are passionately dedicated to consistently producing premium lamb. Our lamb delivers the best traits in desirable culinary flavor: a meaty, hearty portion and a sweet, mild flavor – all produced in a sustainable fashion in the historical home of premium lamb production: Kentucky.

Freedom Run Farm’s consortium of Kentucky shepherds is led by Valerie Samutin. Click the chat below to learn more or inquire about ordering products now.

This partnership is made possible by the Kentucky Proud program.

This partnership is made possible by the Kentucky Proud program.

Premium Kentucky Lamb from Freedom Run Farm consortium is available thru Creation Gardens in the following cuts:

  • Bluegrass Rib, 8 ct case
  • Bones
  • Fore Shank, 4 ct case
  • Fries, 5 lbs case
  • Boneless Brisket
  • Flank, 4 lb case
  • Heart
  • Hind Shank
  • Kidney
  • Leg Bone-in, 6 lb avg each
  • Neck Bone-in, 2 ct case
  • Neck Boneless, 15 lb case
  • Leg Brt each
  • Liver
  • Neck Bones
  • Porterhouse 5-6 oz, 10/2 ct case
  • Rack Bone-in Chine-off, 2/4 lb case
  • Shoulder Bone-in, each
  • Suet
  • Trim
  • Sirloin Bone-in
  • Sirloin Boneless
  • Whole Carcass, 80 lb avg
  • Whole Custom Butchered, 80 lb avg

Lamb is our passion, the first animal group that came to Freedom Run Farm to help us manage all of our grass. We are committed to supporting ruminant animals in the type of environment in which their bodies were designed to thrive. Our flock of Katahdin hair sheep are raised on pasture where they are in fresh air and sunshine. Recently we have partnered with other shepherds who share our dedication to the same standards of animal welfare, quality, and animal sustainability. The Freedom Run Farm lamb consortium continues to provide a premium lamb product through the year. Its a chain of goodness that begins with healthy soil and finishes with health animals and people; we believe that you can taste the difference. Our lamb is featured in many of the finest area restaurants such as Harvest in Louisville, KY; Rye in Louisville, KY and Lockbox at 21(c) Hotel in Lexington, KY, among many others

Examples of Chefs using Freedom Run Farm lamb:

Chef Levon Wallace preparing Freedom Run Farm lamb at our Fall Eat Y’all Chef Camp

Smoked Lamb Shoulder prepared by Chef Newman Miller at our CONNECT Dinner at Maker’s Mark Distillery

This partnership made possible because of the Kentucky Proud program.