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Sequatchie Cove Creamery

Our cheeses are hand-crafted using traditional techniques inspired by the Alpine regions of Europe, combined with original recipes using our own distinct southern flair for a truly unique product not found anywhere else in the world.
The quality and originality of our cheeses have won ACS and Good Food awards year after year, are featured in culinary magazines, as well as kitchens across the U.S.
We strive to highlight the character of the land, animals and environment from which our cheeses are produced. Inspired by traditional cheese making, old world practices, and the idea of creating a product that captures the essence of a particular place, we combine old-world tradition with modern science, regenerative agriculture, and the highest quality standards in our industry for every step in our production.

Sequatchie Cove Creamery is locally owned and operated in the Sequatchie area. To learn more, email (info@eatcities.com), reach us by phone (601-852-3463), or visit Sequatchie Cove Creamery’s website now.

  • Cumberland: Tomme style, 3-4 lb wheel, aged 90 days, uncut wheels hold 3 months, 3 weeks to maintain freshness once cut. Buttery & earthy but mild and delicate. Cumberland is our best-selling cheese at the farmers market and the most versatile for serving, slicing, cooking, and pairing. It goes with almost any beverage and pairs well with other cheeses, fruits, meats, and breads. It is available almost year-round, occasionally selling out in late winter-early spring.
  • Dancing Fern: Our award-wining Reblochon style, 1-1.5 lb wheel, aged 60 days, uncut wheels hold 30 days, 2 weeks once cut. This is our softest, most delicate cheese. It has flavor overtones that range from mushrooms to grass to walnuts, reflecting the time of year and what the cows are eating more than any other cheese we make. It slices and melts beautifully and pairs with light-bodied wines and beer. Also pairs with sweet or savory accompaniments. This is truly a cheese lover’s cheese.
  • Coppinger: Washed rind cheese, 3-4 lb wheel. Aged 90 days, uncut wheels hold 3 months, 3 weeks to maintain freshness once cut. Very flavorful semi-firm washed rind style, with a nice balance of salt, pungency and fruity notes. It has an excellent creamy texture that is very well suited for melting and a unique appearance with an ashline through the paste. Unique & complex, yet very approachable, versatile and great for snacking. Pairs well with cured meats, pickles & stone fruits, and best with wine & beer such as syrah or saison.
  • Shakerag Blue: Leaf-wrapped blue cheese, 6-7 lb wheel, aged 120+ days, uncut wheels hold 6 months, 4 weeks to maintain freshness once cut. Wrapped in local fig leaves that have been marinated in Chattanooga Whiskey, and then aged 120 days or more. The goal is to create a truly “southern blue” that has the spicy overtones of blue cheese with a sweet finish. The whiskey-soaked fig leaves impart aroma and flavor to the cheese and seal in moisture, helping to create the creamery yet crumbly texture. Pairs well with bold wines and beer, serve with savory accompaniments such as salamis & olives. Also wonderful with fruit, honey and as a topping for salads.
  • Bellamy Blue: Rubbed with applewood smoked sea salt and aged for natural rind development, 6-7 lb wheel, aged 80+ days, uncut wheels hold 6 months, 4 weeks to maintain freshness once cut. Savory, meaty and elusively smokey. Notes of grilled meats, smoked oysters and boiled peanuts. The texture is buttery and creamy, the finish is delicate but complex. Pairs well with dessert wines.
  • Gruetli: Large format Swiss Alpine-inspired style, similar to Gruyere or Comte. Aged minimum of 6 months, 25-30 lb wheel. Typically sold in quarter wheel units, but shipping whole wheels is possible. Firm, longer aged cheese with rich brothy flavor and aromas, notes of brown butter and toasted nuts. Works well for shaving finely as a topping or melts beautifully in recipes.
  • Fredonia: English Stilton style, 8-9 lb large cylinder format. Aged minimum of 60 days. Cave aged lactic blue cheese, very aromatic rind with notes of lemon and fresh bread dough. Fudgey-smooth texture and complex flavor profile hints at buttermilk, toasted sourdough, with brothy/umami morel mushroom towards the rind.

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