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Small batch, clean rubs that provide a brilliant secret ingredient to a myriad of dishes, especially grilled and smoked meats and vegetables.

June Bugg Rub is owned & operated by Andy Chapman. To learn more, email (info@eatcities.com) or reach us by phone (601-852-3463).

“We cannot begin to say enough good things about the June Bugg All Purpose Rub… gah. The ribs we made last weekend with it might have been the best we’ve ever had! 💛

Alex Kimerling

Daddy Bob’s Small Batch Pimento Cheese

  • All Purpose Seasoning
  • Steak + Brisket Seasoning
  • Sugar Taylor Sauce

Our original June Bugg Rub is a Sweet & Spicy Seasoning. Use this all-purpose seasoning to enhance the flavor of grilled and smoked meats, BBQ, vegetables, potatoes & soup stocks. Perfect for all types of meat including pork, poultry, lamb, fish and seafood.

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