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Do you struggle to connect with chefs?

Are you struggling to know who and when to call?

Are you struggling to get new leads?

Are you unsure about pricing?

Are your leads running dry?

Are you limited by time constraints?

Are you chefs not calling your back?


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Wherever you are in your journey, we can help you improve your efforts, network your target area and introduce you to chefs interested in your products. We will help you make your business better now – and help build a sustainable future.

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“As a farmer’s daughter, I care about you and the sustainability of your operation.“


Over 40 years combined successfully growing family businesses

20 years combined experience working with chefs

Over 500 influential chefs in our database

Track record of successfully referring chefs that are a good fit for producers

“Eat Y’all has carved out their niche by bridging the gap between Chefs, Farmers and Artisanal Food Makers who proudly place an emphasis on local and farm fresh ingredients. Talk about a match made in fresh foodie heaven.”

How to Sell to Restaurants

Want to sell your products to chefs and restaurants?

We’ve identified 11 ways to successfully sell to chefs. This e-book will help you:

  • Know when to call on chefs
  • Be prepared for a chef meeting
  • Make it easy for chefs to order – and pay you!

How Does It Work?

Hi! We’re Andy & Marianna Chapman, and we’re the founders of Eat Y’all. We have been privileged to create a unique company that facilitates valuable connections between farmers and artisan food producers and the chefs who are looking for the ingredients they offer.

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We host several Chef Camps and other dinners events each year, immersive on-farm experiences that educate chefs and build some of the strongest loyalty to farms that we’ve ever seen.

We’re proactive to equip the producer community to know how to best connect with chefs by hosting small group training workshops.

Most importantly, we run a robust chef referral program, host a product directory and produce our own media including video, podcast, digital magazine, email and social media – all for the purpose of connecting our producer partners to chefs – and nurturing those relationships for the long-term.

Over 500 chefs trust Eat Y’all to help them discover better ingredients. Should they know about your products, too?

Let’s get started today.

“…my family and I very much enjoy working with y’all, teaching folk the right things and ways to eat! Your oversight and stewardship has been invaluable. Thank you.”


Founder, Two Brooks Farm Rice Products

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