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Don’t Waste Another Minute!


Grocery Sales are disappearing.


For the first time in history, Americans buy more food at restaurants than at grocery stores.


Grocery slotting fees and trade show costs nickel and dime your profits away.


Retail packaging can eat up your profit margin!


The farmer’s market circuit is exhausting & inconsistent.


There’s a better way! Many chefs are committed to thoughtful sourcing and need your products!

Selling to restaurants can be a tough nut to crack, often frustrating, time consuming and leaving you unsure if it’s even worth it. Your future depends on being able to sell to restaurants, the largest segment of the food buying market.

We’re here to help.

We Know Chefs

We understand how difficult it can be to transition from retail to restaurant sales.

That’s why we’ve worked with and connected hundreds of chefs to farmers and food producers like you. You don’t have to go it alone.




Our team hosts dozens of chef events annually & walks in kitchens around the globe. We know how to connect with chefs & help them source better ingredients.


Our chef network is over 500 strong & growing weekly. Whether they serve 100s or 1000s of meals a week, they’re all committed to thoughtful sourcing.


We’ve helped dozens of producers connect with “right-fit” new customers – restaurants that are the right size, in the right location.


We’ve helped farms go from startup selling in the local farmer’s market to multiple distributors and global outreach.

Save Time. Avoid Mistakes. Secure Your Future.

Access our growing community of chefs who are committed to thoughtful sourcing and want to learn about your products.


Learn how to get the sales cycle moving more efficiently at all phases of your business.



Learn how to get the second and third sale and how to close more big sales.



Learn how to get your products pulled into distribution from the chef side and connect with the right distributors

Joining the EATYALL network is a shortcut for your business that also supports a healthy future for food producers everywhere.


Many family food producers struggle to connect with buyers who will add the most value to their operations.

In the midst of this struggle, the farmer’s share of the “food dollar” is the lowest in history, and for the first time ever, American’s are buying more food from restaurants than grocery stores. That’s right – grocery store sales are disappearing. To make food marketing even more complicated, technology interruptions like online grocery shopping and delivery apps have killed the effectiveness of retail marketing seemingly overnight. Worst of all, farm bankruptcies are through the roof and a mental health crisis in the farm community has resulted in record suicide rates. Hailing from a farm family ourselves, we find this reality unacceptable!

EATYALL wants you to enjoy a secure future and take control of your profit margin, so we provide training and networking opportunities that’ll you connect to chefs who are committed to thoughtful sourcing. When producers participate in our programs, they feel equipped to succeed in a quickly changing industry.

We’ve seen it happen again and again, and we want it to happen to you, too! When producers and chefs connect, they enjoy mutually enriched businesses and lives.

We’re the founders of EATYALL, Marianna and Andy Chapman, and we’ve been connecting businesses to growth opportunities for over 20 years. That experience paired with our global network of influential chefs, makes us uniquely able to help you grow better together.

We Love Your Questions!

How does membership work?

Joining the EATYALL Network gives you access to our entire network of chefs, producers, distributors and industry partners for marketing, sales and networking purposes. Through your membership you will add value to this community committed to serving better food and growing better together through thoughtful sourcing. 

We create a unique Profile Page in the Producer Directory for each new member. This directory is a go-to resource for our chef and wholesale buyer network, and it serves as backdrop for the ongoing digital marketing and chef outreach EATYALL conducts on behalf of our members.

Members will also have exclusive opportunities to share products at live events and to benefit from other members-only education, networking & marketing opportunities. 

Looking for more robust training, coaching, or outreach support? Need help connecting with more chefs, restaurants or distribution channels? We’d love to talk to you about joining one of our coaching programs!  

What do you mean by "thoughtful sourcing"?

Thoughtful sourcing transcends the word “local” and helps bridge the common sense gap that exists because rice doesn’t grow in Chicago and seafood isn’t harvested fresh from the oceans in Oklahoma. But “thoughtful sourcing” is more than that – its the process that chefs engage in to seek out, learn about and ultimately source the best ingredients for their menus from the best producers – because better food starts with better ingredients.

Chefs can “thoughtfully source” many ingredients that aren’t local but are of superior quality. In many cases, the chef knows the farmer / producer well, or at least knows their story.

Thoughtful sourcing is the antithesis of ordering blindly down a sheet based solely on price, and thoughtful sourcing is done by chefs who know that the best interests of the end consumer are in the best interest of the restaurant business.

Why are live events so important?

EATYALL hosts several types of events each year because we’ve seen long lasting results through real human connection.

Chefs often write orders at our events, and chefs who attend our events are actively looking for new ingredients!

Every EATYALL event results in sales but even more, deepened relationships exponentially increase the lifetime value of each relationship. In short, events are our magic power and our secret sauce because real relationships hold the keys to your success.

What if I don’t know what program to choose?

Let’s talk it through and get you matched with the right program to help your business get where it needs to be. Schedule a call, and we look forward to learning more about your business and helping you grow better with a customized plan.

How many chefs will hear about my product this year?


That said, you may only need to truly connect with five or ten perfect-fit chefs in a small geographical area to meet your business goals. We are expert at helping this happen – and quickly. Plus, all of our members enjoy exposure to our entire network – including over 500 chefs – at various intervals depending on your program. We also make sure every new chef that joins our network hears about your products, too.

Because we know the power of human connection, every member has the opportunity to place product information and/or samples in the hands of chefs attending our live events. If you sample at every opportunity, you’ll touch at least 100 chefs during live events this year. If you choose one of our top tier plans, you’ll also have the opportunity to spend significant time with each chef attendee during our EATYALL Chef Camps or CONNECT Workshops – and yes, chefs often write orders at events. (P.S. Chefs who attend EATYALL Chef Camps or other networking events are actively looking for new ingredients!)

Where do you have the most impact geographically?

We have chef relationships around the globe.

That said, because our home base is just outside of New Orleans, the I-10 corridor from New Orleans across the Florida Panhandle is our top chef market (which includes the Mississippi, Alabama & Florida tourist areas as well as Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida). Nashville and the state of Kentucky are our 2nd and 3rd chef markets respectively followed by other South markets like Birmingham and Atlanta. Because chefs are joining our network at such a fast pace, this information is subject to change in the near future.

How do you work with distributors?

Many of our members have grown to need the logistical and scaling support that distributors offer. We love that! Many times the best way to get a product into a distributor, or to expedite your first distributor order, is to have chefs “pull” it into a system. EATYALL has supported many producers in building their chef network such that they are “pulled” into great distributor relationships – which means more value to the producer longterm. EATYALL will help you find the right distributors when you’re ready, and we can support and refer business to your distributors as they come online.

What payment options do you provide for clients?

Producer Network memberships are paid via credit card or ACH draft. 

Charges for our top tier and custom programs will be invoiced via email and payment may be made via check or credit card due upon receipt of invoice.

How can I change my plan?

Joining EATYALL requires an annual commitment unless mutually agreed in advance; and, you may upgrade your program at any time and receive full credit for any previous membership fees paid in that year. Cancellation is requested at least 30 days prior to your renewal date.

Can I get consultation before I sign up?

Absolutely. Please schedule a call. We can’t wait to meet you and discuss how to get you growing better together inside our network of producers, chefs, distributors and industry partners who are all committed to serving better food by thoughtful sourcing better ingredients.

Have a question we didn’t answer or need to learn more? Schedule a call or call 601-852-3463.

“…my family and I very much enjoy working with y’all, teaching folk the right things and ways to eat! Your oversight and stewardship has been invaluable. Thank you.”

Mike Wagner

Founder & Partner, Two Brooks Rice

“EATYALL has once again paired us with an amazing company to work with! [A great ice cream company] is ordering their pecans from us now. Thank you!”

Lauren Pope

Marketing, Sunnyland Pecans

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