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The Keep in Gulfport, Mississippi is a place where chefs come to preserve their love of cooking in a restful environment conducive to creativity. At the culmination of each “chef-in-residence” retreat at The Keep, chefs will serve an intimate dinner exclusively for Preservation Table patrons and their guests. Dinners will take place in a private residence in the Florence Gardens community in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Chefs are culinary artists.

To thrive, chefs – like other artists – need rest, creative stimuli and the encouragement of admiring supporters.

We want to foster culinary excellence and leadership.

With over 20 years of combined experience working with talented chefs and a rapidly expanding network of over 500 chefs, we’re honored to partner with local culinary enthusiasts through this patron program to foster culinary excellence and leadership.

Help us extend radical hospitality to inspirational chefs.

Please join us as we extend radical hospitality to inspirational chefs who come here to rejuvenate on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, an epicenter of creativity and culinary abundance.

How Does it work?

Hello, fellow culinary enthusiast. We’re Andy & Marianna Chapman, the founders of Eat Y’all. For the past decade, we have had the unique privilege to facilitate connections between farmers and artisan food producers and the chefs who are looking for the better ingredients they offer.
Through many friendships with chefs, we’ve been troubled to see exhaustion and burnout stealing exceptional talent away from award-winning kitchens. We’ve lamented the lack of places equipped to provide chefs a place to rest, rejuvenate and hone their craft.
Now, with your support, The Keep will provide chefs a welcoming place of retreat for up to seven days at no cost to them. Furthermore, Preservation Table patrons may also serve as a supportive and encouraging source of feedback and community during their time at The Keep.
Patrons will enjoy exclusive access to intimate dinners held at the conclusion of each chef’s stay that will offer a view into the future of their cuisine through a special multi-course dinner.
Patronage of The Keep is the only way to access these exclusive Preservation Table events. All patron levels allow you access to purchase up to two tickets to any Preservation Table on a first come, first served basis. Dinner tickets will typically be $50 per person. As a patron, you will be notified via email at least 24 hours in advance of each ticket sale and provided a link to purchase your tickets from the available seats when they go on sale. Remember, seats will fill quickly!
The Keep will host at least six Preservation Table ‘dinner’ events per year along with other smaller social gatherings such as our Annual Patron Party and cooking classes. If you miss the opportunity to buy tickets to an event, there will be more to come!
The typical Preservation Table dinner will be an intimate gathering of approximately 30 people at a private residence in the beautiful Florence Gardens community in Gulfport, MS. Most events will be held on a Thursday or Friday evening.

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Please read the Terms & Conditions, then agree by clicking to become a patron, provide your information and proceed to checkout. Thank you for your support of culinary excellence and the mission of The Keep.

$147 / year

Good Eats Patron

40 spots available

  • Option to purchase up to two tickets per event on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Exclusive Preservation Table coffee mug and bag of Bongo Java coffee beans
  • Includes 2 tickets to Annual Patrons Party

$279 / year

Smoke & Whiskey Patron

12 spots available

  • All Good Eats Patron benefits
  • One ticket to your choice of any Steak & Bourbon or BBQ & Bourbon Cooking classes, half day, immersive experiences covering how-to, tips, tricks & top shelf tastings.
  • Exclusive Eat Y’all Master Griller Kit (delivered at first cooking class)

$497 / year

Host Patron

12 spots available

  • All Smoke & Whiskey Patron benefits
  • Early-bird access to buy your tickets to all event dates
  • As host, you’ll enjoy behind the scenes access during one chef’s visit, including but not limited to joining us for a private weeknight meal, option to arrive early to dinner event to watch preparation or even put on an apron and help the chef in the kitchen! This experience will be customized for each chef / host pairing.

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Preservation Table patronage is an exclusive group limited to a maximum of 64 patrons at this time. We’ve initiated support for this project through personal invitations, and we invite you to do the same by sharing this opportunity with your closest foodie friends.

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