Come play with us.

Like great Southern food, music connects us to one another and to community. It holds our stories together and softens the moments of silence. We can’t imagine those nights spent cooking in the kitchen without our favorite song in the air or those dinners in a restaurant without a backdrop to our conversations. Great Southern music sets the tone and brings us all to the party, whether that party is hundreds of folks at a food festival or a party for one in the car as you drive across town to your favorite barbeque joint. Music serves to define moments in our lives, and it shapes our memories. There’s always that one song that makes you think of that one person.

We want to share the music that inspires us: music to cook to; music that adds the perfect feel to your dinner party or the fish fry at the farm; music that inspires you to move forward. And we want to hear from you! Clue us in on artists and songs that make up the soundtrack of your unique Southern story. Take a look at our list and take a listen. We hope you let it take you on a journey to connect with yourself and savor those you hold dear as you enjoy all the best flavors the South has to offer. Grab those earbuds and dig in!

Playlist coming soon…