Flavorful Kentucky Beef Farms

The thing about beef is there are so many varying angles to discuss. Take flavor. There are so many different factors that go into the flavor of beef. One of these factors is…location! Isn’t it fascinating to think of why the flavor of beef changes from farm to farm or region to region? It’s not too shocking to learn how life at a beef farm is quite laborious work. Do farmers work 365 days a year? YES. But these Kentucky Beef Ranchers at Tricklin’ Creek Farm say it’s a labor of love, and the rewards are well worth it! 

In Part 2 of our Kentucky Beef farms tour, Chefs Philip Cronin and Michael Krafft return as guest hosts for to interview the Chunglo family at Tricklin’ Creek Farm to hear how they’re building their beef cattle herd and what sorts of things they are doing to sustain and build their land.

Listen in as Adam Chunglo, his wife Elizabeth, daughter Emily, son Seth,  and Katelyn Hawkins from the Kentucky Beef Council share their experiences managing the cattle daily including identifying and tagging each cow. They also recollect their journey into beef farming, their finances then and now and a lot of interesting strategies they’ve devised over the years. Listen in to get unmatchable tips and tricks to whether you’re a beef farmer or a chef or consumer buying beef. This behind the scenes tour at Tricklin’ Creek Farm near Harrodsburg, Kentucky will be fascinating and informative. 

Thanks to our partner on this week’s episode: 

This episode of the EATYALL Podcast is made possible through a partnership with the Kentucky Beef Council. The Kentucky Beef Council is an organization working for Kentucky cattle producers in areas of promotion, education and research. 

Connect with the Chunglo family at their farm, Tricklin’ Creek Farm on Facebook.

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