We tried PeachDish, an Atlanta-based home delivery meal service that sources natural, farm-raised products with Southern flair and easy to follow recipes.

PeachDish Box - Eat Yall

Like a flash of heat lightening in the summer sky; bright and cheerful summer days are long gone and along with them the ease of farm fresh Southern summer suppers. I am caught like a deer in the headlights, wondering how to preserve those habits of simple to prepare, good food and even better moments around the dinner table.

May I introduce a solution? It’s called PeachDish.

The PeachDish Box is not your average home delivered meal kit; it’s a taste of home. It’s elevated Southern home cooking, seemingly straight from the farmer’s market. The good folks at Atlanta-based PeachDish search the South for natural, farm-raised products and deliver them to your door with Southern flair that includes easy to follow recipes, information about each farm (we love that!) and even an opportunity to shop their ingredients individually on their web site.

This was the first meal kit delivery that my kids were excited to help me cook! Why? Because the meal was Kevin Clark’s Comfy Chicken. From their perspective, it was biscuits and gravy with fried chicken, and they were elated! I loved it, too, because it was a meal recipe created by a chef I follow: Chef Kevin Clark, the Southern chef who owns Home Grown in East Atlanta.

Kevin Clark’s Comfy Chicken Peach Dish - Eat Yall

All of the ingredients were pre-portioned for very easy preparation. I read through the instructions and got started, with the help of my 13-year-old. She enjoyed pounding the Springer Mountain Farms Chicken to thin the breast and slicing the fresh citrus that was sent to accompany the dish. I began breading the chicken with Home Grown seasoned flour while my daughter mixed the buttermilk biscuit dough by hand cutting in the pre-portioned pats of Organic Valley butter. I pan fried the chicken in my skillet with a small amount of cooking oil.

As the biscuits baked, we made the gravy together. I pulled out the package of sausage to find it was from Pine Street Market! I love this butcher shop. (If you are ever in Atlanta and in need of meat, this is your place!) We whisked away as the cooked sausage, milk and flour became a creamy, smooth gravy.

In the midst of sweet family time, in what seemed to be a snap, the meal was ready. We cut the biscuits and stacked as the recipe suggested… bottom layer of biscuit, sausage gravy, small piece of fried chicken, sausage gravy, another piece of chicken, sausage gravy, and finished off with a top biscuit layer and (you guessed it) more sausage gravy!

Kevin Clark’s Comfy Chicken by PeachDish - Eat Yall

The meal was a comforting one. We were silent as we ate, savoring the moment. It was a quick-to-prepare dinner, sourced mostly from local farmers and purveyors and made with my daughter. This is what food should be: sustenance and gratitude for the farming community that grows it.

Check out another dish, Pork Hot Pot with Long Beans & Glazed Potatoes that my husband and I had for a date night in! Local beans and potatoes, garlic, ginger, pork from Pine Street Market, and  You Saucy Thing.

Locally grown beans by PeachDish - Eat Yall

Real food for Southerners – that’s PeachDish, to me.

>> Want to try PeachDish for yourself? We highly recommend it! The good folks at PeachDish have even given our readers $10 off your first box when you use the code EATYALL17 at checkout.


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