Flavor + Education = DELICIOUS! 

We’re getting SUPER cheesy in this fun episode of the EATYALL Podcast! After meeting award-winning Chef Paco Garcia and farmers Ronnie and Clara Patton at Wildcat Mountain Cheese, we learn about Chef Garcia’s work at Con Huevos in Louisville, KY as well as Ronnie and Clara’s family-owned and operated dairy and farmstead.

Wildcat Mountain Cheese is a cheese producing dairy farm in East Bernstadt, Kentucky. It’s so delightful to see farm businesses today expanding to bring artisan food products to the marketplace. 

One of the topics of conversation in this episode related to the supply and demand of chefs. It seems the more chefs raise their level of skill and produce, the higher the demand for customer satisfaction. It seems chefs and consumers have worked inherently together to create a dichotomy that elevates both the chef’s education and skill level, as well as the customer’s understanding of why fresh and organic ingredients are necessary. This creates a demand for higher quality food and high levels of education from the chef in order to deliver the customer’s demands.

Join us as we tour the farm and taste Wildcat Mountain Cheese with Chef Paco Garcia and farmers and cheesemakers, Ronnie and Clara Patton. We explore the wide variety of mouth-watering pasteurized cheeses they serve, including Colby, Gouda; a line of Cheddars: white cheddar, traditional cheddar, and garlic pepper cheddar; and fresh cheese curds. While we bring to you this tasty treat of an experience, you couldn’t leave not acknowledging their incredible dedication to the profession!

Thanks to our partner on this week’s episode:

This episode of the EATYALL Podcast is sponsored by The Dairy Alliance, a nonprofit organization funded by dairy farm families of the Southeast to promote dairy foods and knowledge about the dairy industry.  

Find Wildcat Mountain Cheese  on their website, Instagram and Facebook.

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