Get the Right Chefs to the Table.

EATYALL conducts strategic domestic and global chef outreach programs that deliver measurable economic impact.

Producers are in Trouble.

Grocery sales are segmented. Producers are struggling to share their side of the story with customers. Farmers’ shares of food dollars are at an all-time low. And worst of all, farm bankruptcies and farmer suicide rates are exploding. Your producers deserve better options – they need you to bring new options to the table!

What are you doing to connect them to chefs, the world’s most influential food buyers? Let EATYALL help.

We Bring New Opportunities to the Table.



We’ll identify chefs who have an interest in your product category and a track record of success influencing customers & other chefs.


We’ll target chefs who are shopping for new ingredients that fit your geographic or other demographic targeting.


We often use audio & video interviews, paper and digital surveys & text message followups to measure results & facilitate sales.



With every project, we create professional, evergreen multi-media content that we and our clients use to insure longterm results from each program.


We nurture chef-to-chef communities around your product long after your project is over to instill respect & trust on your behalf. 

We want to help you save family farms.

We’re from farm families, and we’re passionate about helping producers earn the most for their hard work.

A safe, healthy food supply has never been more critical. Together, we can keep our food supply growing!

We bring chefs who have buying power and influence to a real live table.


of millions

Buying Power of Chefs in our Network

1,000,000s per year

Over 1 Million Meals Served by Chefs in our Network

100% of our attendees

Chefs in our Network who are Committed to Thoughtful Sourcing

What Our Partners Say About Our Work

“EATYALL is knowledgable on connecting producers to chefs in a way that opens the line of communication and understanding for both parties that often results in increased sales for those producers… EATYALL is committed to enhancing the competitiveness of our agricultural crops both domestically and internationally along with growing and mentoring farmers.”

Andy Gipson

Commissioner of Agriculture, Mississippi Department of Agriculture & Commerce

“This has just been an amazing experience already… Just seeing the interaction with the chefs and the farmers that we get to introduce them to. With all the work that [EATYALL] did in advance to identify the farms in Virginia that would be a good fit and a location that would be a good fit with you can see a number of farming activities at the same time. To see that and to see these chefs and their questions that they are asking and the engagement that they have with the farms has really been incredible.”

Stephanie Agee

Director, Marketing & Development, Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

“EATYALL is a critical partners in helping Alabama producers break into the restaurant market space. We know we cannot educate Alabama farmers alone, but instead trust organizations such as EATYALL to help us reach our underserved producers and help them grow their business. We support EATYALL’s efforts to promote local farmers to restaurants wholeheartedly.”

Don Wambles

Director, Ag Promotions, Farm to School, Farmers Market Authority, Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries

“EATYALL is one of our favorite partners because they truly care about our success and the financial survival of our dairy farmers…. Their organizational skills, attitude and creativity solidified a positive outcome for these educational endeavors…. EATYALL’s sphere of influence is impressive. Their network both within and outside the agriculture community are vast and can serve departments of agriculture, local farmers, restaurants, local farm bureaus and retail. EATYALL can connect farmers to chefs with a friendly touch that feels like a family hug.” — Mary Martin Nordness, MA. RDN, LD, CHES. Director of Food and Nutrition Outreach at The Dairy Alliance

Our Most Requested Project Types Have a Track Record of Results!

Producer Workshops with Chef Networking

Our most popular program, this one day program educates producers about how to sell to restaurants alongside chefs who are actively looking for new ingredients. After lunch, we facilitate 1:1 pitch appointments between chefs and producers that often lead to sales.


Build a team of chef influencers for your product(s) during this immersive overnight learning experience meant to drive both sales and influence among a target chef demographic. We take care of everything & video, podcast & photo content production is included to extend your project’s impact.

Global Chef Outreach Programs

Increase export sales when we nurture international chef relationships on your behalf by creating valuable sales leads thru our leadership on outbound & inbound chef-focused missions. Plus, utilize in-country chefs to influence national food culture!

Menu + Media Content Package

We’ll recruit chefs in your target demographic to develop menu items featuring your product then produce a professional video & photo package that you, the chef & EATYALL can use to showcase the featured menu item.

We Know Your Time is Limited – and Your Objectives are BIG!

Bring us along to save you time, simplify execution and get you the results you need!


Schedule a Call.

Let’s get started by discussing your objectives or desired outcomes. We’ll help you find a solution that will help your producers best!


Approve customized proposal.

We’ll agree on a plan that fits your budget and provide an easy e-sign approval process.

Report measurable results.

We’ll take care of everything including followup surveys, then report results based on your objectives & outcomes.

You’ll Be in Good Company

What Chefs Say After Participating in EATYALL Chef Outreach Events

“You need to come. You need to block the time. You need to take the time off… it’s going to be so rewarding for you. Just to have the time to energize your creativity, especially around the products that are available…”

Chef Scott Simpson

Executive Chef, The Depot in Auburn, Alabama

“EATYALL is an incredible organization that is bridging the gap in the past and future of farming.”

Julie Ard James

Farmer, Ard's Dairy Farm in Ruth, Mississippi

“The catfish farm at Simmons is beyond any live animal operation that I have ever seen. The magnitude of what it is is insane to me. I thought it was a family run catfish place, which it is, but I didn’t expect 200 employee in there working through catfish as fast as they can. It was a really impressive operation. It’s cool to see them doing it from hatching the catfish all the way to sending it out the door. So they are not just buying it from somebody else and cutting it in house or they are not just growing the fish and sending it off to cut. They are doing it from the beginning to the end, so they can put their name on that product and stand behind it.”

Ryan Rogers

Restaurateur, High Cotton Hospitality in Louisville, Kentucky

“The thing that I thought was most exciting about watching them break down that whole side of a cow today at University of Kentucky was all the new, different types of cuts you’re seeing in the industry. It’s exciting and everything is always changing, and you like to stay up to date with the newest trends, so it was real fun to see.

Damaris Phillips

FOOD Network Chef, Louisville, Kentucky

“They give us so much knowledge we can take home and use. You just have to soak it up.”

Will Lacey

Executive Chef, Driftwood Pantry in Charleston, South Carolina

Sample Videos from Recent EATYALL Chef Camp Events

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