EATYALL is helping farmers hurdle obstacles and implement chef outreach during a time that is anything but normal.

The restaurant industry has had a tough year. Chefs are adapting and need resources to fuel their success. The misconception is that now is not the time to invest in chef and restaurant relationships. In reality, the time is NOW.  

Want to know the why and how? EATYALL has created a comprehensive checklist that will relieve your marketing apprehensions. Discover 16 reasons why chefs are worth your marketing dollars in 2021 by filling out the contact form here, and we’ll send the PDF straight to your inbox. 

From total menu makeovers and new family-style takeout offerings to influencing the chef and consumer community, chefs remain the greatest advocates for farmers and quality ingredients.

Andy Chapman, EATYALL CEO said, “The marketplace was turned on its head in 2020 with a lot of disruption. For those who act now, it can be a major opportunity to reach valuable customers who have the current ability to invest in your products.”

Remarkable opportunities exist to partner with chefs in ways that will positively impact farmers for years to come. Innovative, hardworking chefs are a sustainable and reliable source of revenue for food producers. Sitting on the sidelines while change is happening will mean losing market share. It’s time to breathe new life into your marketing programs with confidence. 

Chapman continued, “Using your marketing dollars to reach out to chefs in 2021 while the industry is still reeling is one of the great marketing opportunities of our lifetime. There’s been a shakeup in attention and chefs can pivot and make decisions now that will impact producers’ bottom lines in a big way for years to come.. but you have to get out there and reach them.”

“16 Reasons Chefs are Worth Your Marketing Dollars in 2021” is available to download now.

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