At Juniper Green in Nashville, food veterans Lyndi Stein and Molly Martin teamed up to form a different kind of catering company centered around a passion for connecting people and the community.

{ The Foundation }

Just like baking a cake, building a business is a time-consuming process that requires sustained effort and attention to detail. There are layers to achieving success in the ultra-competitive food and hospitality industry. The founders of Juniper Green started from scratch in early 2017 a few years after owners Lyndi Stein and Molly Martin first met at an intensive start up course for culinary concepts.

If you’ve ever baked a cake, you know the recipe is key. Baking is a precise art that demands strict adherence to measurements. We all have cherished cake recipes that if followed to the letter, turn out a perfectly beautiful and delicious cake every time. At Juniper Green, the recipe for success is a strong business plan built around a passion for connecting people and community through food. They say their commitment “to community begins with our purveyors, our partnerships, and our practices, and informs every detail of the guest experience.”

{ Eat your cake and have your MBA, too }

Meet the talented duo behind Juniper Green:

Lyndi Stein is the Operations & Event Director, as well as pastry chef, at Juniper Green in Nashville. A Florida native, Stein’s culinary focus is informed by her travels around the South. She lived in Houston and New Orleans before settling in Nashville in 2011 where she made the leap from a career in engineering to business consulting while she was pursuing an MBA at Belmont University. She combined her business acumen with her passion for baking to start up the Littlest Love Bake Shop. She operated this popular online bakery in Nashville before joining forces with Molly Martin to form Juniper Green.

Molly Martin is the Culinary & Client Director for Juniper Green and serves as head chef in the company’s kitchen. Martin’s roots are firmly planted in the Southern soil, having been born and raised on the Mississippi coast and educated at Sewanee. She moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music, but her love for cooking drew her into the culinary world, where she has worked alongside notable Nashville chefs Tandy Wilson and Sam Tucker, among others. Her culinary experience also includes serving in operations management with Strategic Hospitality as well as starting the culinary program at Salt + Vine.

{ Meeting in the Middle }

After meeting in 2015, Martin and Stein supported one another as they continued to move forward with their separate careers in music and business consulting. By early 2017, Martin and Stein realized that their shared passion for food and proven talent in the boardroom could meet to create a successful catering business in Nashville. Juniper Green was born.

What sets Juniper Green apart from traditional catering businesses?

The company focuses on bringing people together, not just the logistics of preparing and delivering food to a site. Through shared food experiences, Juniper Green creates opportunities for people and communities to connect. But then again, there is also the amazing food.

The menus at Juniper Green are focused on fresh, seasonal ingredients and authentic flavors. Martin and Stein’s love for food and baking are evident in the thoughtful menus available to clients. One only need review the 2018 Spring menu to recognize how carefully Juniper Green plans menus to reflect the best flavors available from the farms in Tennessee and surrounding areas. This particular menu features a rich and varied ingredient list including roasted beets, citrus labneh, black pepper ricotta, roasted market fish, and rhubarb to name a few.

In October of 2017, the company hosted an event at Nashville’s Nous Art House. The sold out event featured a Moroccan inspired meal consisting of creatively composed dishes. Attendees were able to enjoy art and connect with one another over a menu of Moroccan classics including Tahini Dip, Chicken Tagine, Moroccan Lamb, and Bastilla Bites. Ingredients used in these dishes ranged from smoky fall squash to crispy chickpea and eggplant, to braised carrots and Aleppo pepper. The meal was rounded out with Moroccan cookies and refreshing mint tea. More recently, Juniper Green offered a Spring cooking class in a gorgeous setting at Nashville’s newest kitchen store, The Kitchen Nashville. With exciting culinary events like these and a solid business foundation, the future at Juniper Green is full of promise.

{ Frosting on the Cake }

Juniper Green shared their Decadent Three-Layer Chocolate Cake recipe (now available in our Recipes section), the perfect foundation for get-togethers throughout the year. You really can have your cake and eat it, too!

Juniper Green can be found on the web at and by calling (615) 647-9407. Full menus and online ordering are available through the website. There is a 12 serving minimum per order with minimum 3 items per order.

by Christy Graham, Managing Editor

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