STS-EasterHam-ShareIt’s a family tradition at our house. We bake a beautiful ham each Easter and serve it at our annual outdoor picnic accompanied by a variety of cold salads, homemade yeast rolls and a spread of desserts that always includes a fresh strawberry pie.

I admit, I’ve cheated a year or three and picked up my ham ready to serve from a local meat shop, but our Sugar Taylor Sauce Ham recipe is so easy, there’s absolutely NO excuse not to add this easy gourmet touch and serve the most beautiful, savory Easter ham that your family has ever eaten with only TWO magical ingredients – meat and sauce!

Pro Tips for the Perfect Sugar Taylor Sauce Ham

– Don’t over think this. Run to the local grocery or meat shop and pick up a pre-cooked, spiral sliced ham from a trusted source.

– Don’t forget to double check that you’ve removed all of the packaging including any weird plastic objects stuck in the center of the largest side. I’ve seen pros forget to remove something and melt plastic to their otherwise gorgeous ham.

– Throw out the glazing packet that comes with many hams. You won’t be using that today!

– Make sure you have an extra bottle of Sugar Taylor Sauce on hand for perfect leftover ham sandwiches! You can buy it online here or at most Eat Y’all Official Retailers.

Watch this video to see just how easy it is to make a Sugar Taylor Sauce ham.

Sugar Taylor Sauce Ham Recipe

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