Ethan and Mike Welford own and operate Homestead Farm & Packing, a beef and pork farm near Lucedale, Mississippi, where Ethan seeks to be a “servant to both the animals and his customers.”

Meet the Welfords

On a sunny, and HOT, afternoon in South Mississippi, I coaxed my husband into traveling with me to, yes, another, farm. He didn’t mind too much, though, because this one was already of interest to him. He purchased steaks from them the week prior, and we were still talking about them. Any grill enthusiast would be excited about this visit, and he definitely qualifies in that category.

Homestead-EthanWelfordWe twisted through the back roads of the small city of Lucedale, Mississippi to find an old homestead from the late 1800s situated adjacent to a lake. We pulled up to the picturesque farm house and met Ethan Welford, a young farmer who, little did we know, was about to wow us.

Ethan and his father, Mike Welford are co-owners of Homestead Farm and Packing. Mike manages the plant and operations there. Ethan is the farmer. While Ethan has held many professional titles, he told us that none truly fulfilled his passion until he found farming. He explains his love for animals and how he never believed this work was something he would be able to do. That is, until he realized how often, in his opinion, it was done wrong.

Watching him interact with the animals brought the same question to my mind: How can the provider who has so much love for these animals be the same person that puts the animals down?

The answer, according to Ethan is that he is a “servant to both the animals and his customers.” He sees his job as providing for both and truly feels that this is his place in this world. This is what drives him. His herds are dependent on him, and he gives them a great life. He calls many of them by name and feeds them like he does his farm dogs, only they prefer corn on the cob. The cattle are mostly grass fed, supplemented only with locally mixed grain. They are never treated with antibiotics because they don’t need them because they roam free in harmony with the other farm animals with grass under their feet and sunshine over their heads. Ethan used phrases like “soothing nature” and “humane handling” often during our visit, allowing the animals to “naturally express themselves in a poly-cultural environment.”

As we visited, my fixation on his words was interrupted by a buzzing sound that got louder and closer. I saw something flying our way, and he noticed my distraction. He laughed a bit as he gave me a lesson in modern farming. The flying object was a high tech drone that flies above the hundreds of pasture acres, so that he can personally check on his different herds throughout each day. As complicated as it may sound, this technology helps the Welfords to keep farming simple.

Homestead Farm & Packing Products

Homestead-MeatHomestead Farm and Packing prides themselves in producing the best local meats around. They say that they offer a local source of “old fashioned farm-raised meat.” Part of their mission was to create a facility where meat could be processed locally, so that locals didn’t have to eat meat shipped across the country if they didn’t want to do that. Homestead Farm and Packing is currently a state inspected meat processing facility processing their own and other farmer’s meat as well, but they believe they will soon have their USDA seal of approval allowing their meats to be shipped across state lines to nearby Mobile and New Orleans.

Ethan proudly took me through the small retail room, where customers can buy beef and pork directly from the farm. Beef and pork are sold in cuts at retail, or a family a can purchase a quarter, half or whole cow or pig for a lesser price. This is how my family purchases meat, and it freezes well for up to a year with no noticeable change in flavor. Homestead vacuum seals each piece for maximum freshness. They also sell lamb and whole chickens as custom orders.

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