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Here are our TOP TEN Quick Start Tips to get you using your 2017 Limited Edition Master Griller’s Kit the day it arrives.

  • Baked beans
  • Dip for pretzels, chips or chicken tenders
  • Replace mustard & mayo on burger + seasoning for burger
  • Seasoning for eggs
  • Marinade for pork tenderloin
  • Sausage & cheese plate condiment
  • Easy crock pot pulled pork
  • Seasoning on fries
  • Holiday hams
  • Seasoning for steak

Okay, you didn’t really think we’d stop at ten, did you? Of course, we have more ideas than that… Here are a few more.

  • Deviled eggs
  • Rub for pork butt + sauce
  • Pork and beef rib rub and marinade
  • Works great on cast iron steak preparations like hangar and flank steaks and grilled or oven finished filet, ribeye, New York strip and more.
  • Rub for brisket.
  • Ham and turkey sandwich confinement.
  • Pizza base – sauce


June Bugg Rubbed Whole Peanuts – This is an easy preparation used by James Beard nominated chef, Cole Ellis at the 2015 Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

Harry’s Famous Grilled Catfish Strips – This quick and easy party food recipe only has 6 total ingredients and uses our favorite catfish brand, Simmons Catfish, for a tasty backyard or tailgate specialty that just can’t be beat!

Smoked Catfish Dip – A killer recipe that has been borrowed by chef friends to use in their own restaurants. Oh, and it’s easy to make at home, too. Also, a brilliant addition to any tailgate or backyard or holiday party as an appetizer. It’s a year-round favorite!

Andy’s Guide to the Perfect Brisket – Step by step guide to use your Master Griller’s Kit to achieve a perfectly moist and tender brisket.

Andy’s Guide to Cooking the Perfect Pork Shoulder (or Boston Butt) – Step by step guide to use your Master Griller’s Kit to achieve a perfectly tender and juicy pork butt.

[VIDEO] Andy’s Guide to Smoking the Perfect Ribs – Step by step guide to use your Master Griller’s Kit to achieve tender, mouthwatering pork ribs.

[VIDEO] Sugar Taylor Sauce Ham – Baking a ham for the holidays – or just because you want some really outstanding ham sandwiches – has NEVER been easier than this one and done process using Sugar Taylor Sauce.


We love this recipe for Beef Ribs that Ballistic BBQ did over on their YouTube Channel. shared some great tips for using Sugar Taylor Sauce on chicken several different ways here.

Southern Coastal Cooking™ reviews Sugar Taylor Sauce on their YouTube Channel.


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