Chefs are people, too. Some of our favorite people, in fact.  

Let’s get to know the person at the heart of the kitchen. The list of talented chefs we work with at Eat Y’all is approximately five hundred strong and growing. Each one is a unique individual with their own signature Southern approach to creating some of the country’s most celebrated menus. Passionate and hard working, chefs are the creative force that takes the farmer’s product and turns it into the dishes we love.  Learn a bit more about the men and women who transform the best Southern ingredients into the most talked about dishes in the country.

We’ve met hundreds of chefs during our journey and no matter how different they all are, all of them are interesting. Often passionate and driven, chefs have become celebrities these days. We sometimes forget there is a person behind the apron with a story to tell. We take the time to forge relationships with these chefs, and we love to hear their stories. Here, we share with you some of their personal favorites: from ingredients, recipes and cooking tools to music, places and books. Follow along with us as we learn what gives these chefs their southern flavor.