The EATYALL Podcast serves fresh stories highlighting farms through the eyes of a chef.  

Weekly episodes offer noteworthy content crafted especially for chefs and food enthusiasts candid access into the reality of food production. This perspective is often in stark contrast to the sea of activist driven misinformation that has dominated culture in recent years. In each episode, EATYALL Founder and Podcast Host Andy Chapman brings chefs along who serve as guest hosts of the podcast. Together, they visit a farm, experiencing the day-to-day operations firsthand. Routinely recording on location, they share their experience, taste ingredients, conduct farm interviews and connect you with new ingredients. 

Experienced Podcasters

EATYALL has been connecting chefs to better ingredients for more than a decade. Hundreds of chefs around the globe trust EATYALL to help them thoughtfully source better ingredients. Similarly, farmers trust EATYALL to share the flavor, nutrition, food safety and availability of their products to chefs and consumers. Prior to 2020, EATYALL held extremely successful overnight Chef Camps that immersed chefs in life at the farm. When the pandemic struck, EATYALL founders Marianna and Andy Chapman quickly shifted gears to expand their well-established podcast platform to connect chefs and consumers to the best ingredients available. 

Katelyn Hawkins, Director of Product Marketing, Kentucky Beef Council, described her experience working with the EATYALL Podcast like this: “[Their] passion to forge relationships between farm families and chefs to bridge the gap between perceptions of agriculture and fact can be seen in every conversation, podcast episode, social media post and all other facets of their business. The solid foundation they have built in the digital space allowed for them to pivot…during the pandemic while allowing their partners to achieve success in their investment with EATYALL.” 

According to several sources including Neilson and Edison Research, podcast audiences are on the rise, with over 100 million Americans tuning in every month. Educational podcasts are soaring in popularity. The EATYALL Podcast offers an honest view behind the scenes of American food farming and helps listeners connect with new ingredients. 

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Listen to the EATYALL Podcast on a myriad of podcast listening platforms including the following: iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Android App, TuneIn Radio, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music / Audible, Audio junkie, Deezer, iVoox (Spanish), Listen Notes, OwlTail,, Podchaser and more. A video version of the EATYALL Podcast can be found on YouTube. Follow @letseatyall on social media platforms for details on podcast updates and new episode alerts. Learn more and subscribe to your favorite platform at

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