Chef Jason Arbusto

Hello and welcome to episode 30 of the EATYALL podcast! We had a fun conversation with Chef Jason Arbusto in today’s episode. During our conversation, we discussed his passion for dancing, travel and creative freedom in the kitchen. We also discussed why dairy farms are important, and why we shouldn’t stigmatize them without visiting one first. 

Chef Arbusto trained under some of the best chefs in the world. He traveled to Paris, Monaco and Las Vegas in order to hone his skills and fuel his culinary passion. More impressively (and this made us a tad jealous), he worked in France for over 8 years before returning home to Lynchburg, Virginia and taking the helm as Culinary Director at Craddock Terry Hotel. This includes managing Shoemaker’s Restaurant and Waterstone Pizza both located on the hotel property in Lynchburg.

Learn about Richlands Dairy Farm

You’ll also listen to Chef Arbusto expound on Richlands Dairy Farms. Located in Blackstone, this dairy farm focuses on exceptional (even phenomenal) care each head of cattle receives in the clean environment.

Make sure to reach out and let us know what you think about these kind of conversations! Also, check out this link to read our blog on What Chefs Wish Farmers Knew about Working with Chefs!

This week’s podcast was brought to you by The Dairy Alliance.

Learn more about Richlands Dairy Farm on their web site and shop farm fresh ingredients at our sister site, Find Family Farms.

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