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Andy Chapman is an "eatie" not a "foodie." In 2009, while working as a business marketing consultant, Andy discovered his passion for enjoying and sharing good food when he began tweeting anonymously as @eatjxn in his spare time. Soon after that, Eat Jackson, a local restaurant review site was born that shared an average person's perspective of food, atmosphere and service in locally owned restaurants of all types in the Jackson, Mississippi metro area. Since then Andy has founded Jackson Restaurant Week and Eat Y'all. In his spare time, Andy enjoys hunting and fishing - and cooking his bounty - especially in the company of good friends and colleagues. He also makes a mean gourmet sauce called Sugar Taylor Sauce, and he loves smoked meat and fish, making him very popular with his neighbors. In 2015 Andy began selling distributing and promoting the Gourmet Guru Grill, which has been the most fun work he's ever done.
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