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The EATYALL team (from left to right): Bryanne Haney, Producer Community Manager; Angel Lanier-White, Chef Community Manager; Marianna Chapman, Chief Operating Officer; Andy Chapman, Chief Executive Officer

Because ingredients are the palate with which chefs paint, their food can never be better than their ingredients. Our team at EATYALL connects producers to chefs who are committed to thoughtful sourcing, so they can grow better together.

New technologies like online grocery shopping and delivery apps torpedoed traditional grocery marketing seemingly overnight. Worst of all, farm bankruptcies are through the roof and a mental health crisis in the farm community has resulted in record suicide rates. We find this reality utterly unacceptable. We’ve helped producers like you find a better path, and we want to help you, too.

We believe that food farmers and producers have reason to hope in the future, but it requires a fundamental shift in the way you do business. 

Because American’s – and affluent consumers around the globe – are buying more food from restaurants than grocery stores for the first time in history, you can take control of your profit margin by selling to restaurants. EATYALL works with hundreds of chefs who use millions of dollars in buying power to thoughtfully source ingredients. When you partner with EATYALL, your visibility to these chefs will skyrocket, and you’ll feel equipped to grow your restaurant sales successfully now and well into the future.

The EATYALL team are highly motivated and skilled specialists who know how to help producers be successful in a myriad of restaurant sales scenarios. This creates a basis for lasting relationships with our clients built on trust and mutual understanding.

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The EATYALL Mantra

Because ingredients are the palate with which chefs paint, their food can never be better than their ingredients. The EATYALL team connects producers to chefs who are committed to thoughtful sourcing, so they can grow better together.



We pursue radical hospitality that sets a table where every story has value and where people gather together to fill up on kindness and community.

We believe generosity is a faucet that should always be turned on.


Faith drives us to do what’s best, not what’s easy.

We believe in the courage to keep learning, to try something new every day, even if it fails.

We believe relationships are the currency of life. Working together makes us better, and technology can never shortcut this reality.


We believe the table should be a joy-filled and safe respite from the hustle and bustle of life, and as such, should be diligently protected by those that serve it.

Because we’re responsible to each other and generations to come, we’ll pull each other forward, in both success and failure, persistently, day by day towards measurable, transformative results.


We believe in a cycle of life that makes room for rest — because rest energizes us to do good work, fuels creativity and strengthens us to invest in others. We believe that everyday is a gift and that of all pursuits – large and small – there is none greater than a life well loved.

Thoughtful Sourcing:

Thoughtful sourcing transcends the word “local” and helps bridge the common sense gap that exists because rice doesn’t grow in Chicago and seafood isn’t harvested fresh from the oceans in Oklahoma.

But thoughtful sourcing is more than that. It’s the process that chefs engage in to seek out, to learn about and ultimately to source the best ingredients for their menus from the best producers – because better food starts with better ingredients.

Chefs can “thoughtfully source” many ingredients that aren’t local, but that are of superior quality, and in many cases, the chef knows the farmer / producer well, or at least knows their story.

Thoughtful sourcing is the antithesis of ordering blindly down a sheet based solely on price, and thoughtful sourcing is done by chefs who know that the best interests of the end consumer are in the best interest of the restaurant business.

Organizations We Love

James Beard Foundation

The Giving Kitchen

National 4-H Council

Farmers Veteran Coalition

Extra Table

Southern Foodways Alliance

American Farm Bureau Foundation

The Nashville Food Project

National FFA Organization

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