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Mentoring Programs & Promotions that Help Farms & Food Makers Sell Directly to Customers Who Are Committed to Thoughtful Sourcing.






Don't Be a Statistic

For many food producers, low profit margins, bankruptcy risk & overwhelming stress are the norm. You shouldn’t receive the lowest percentage of the food dollar for your hard work.

You can grow better. Start selling to (more) of the right customers today.

Take Control of Your Time & Profit Margin




Connect to a network of customers who are committed to thoughtful sourcing.




Grow your sales while saving time by avoiding common sales mistakes. 



Enjoy more consistent cash flow with less frustration with the support of an experienced mentor.


A Few of the Producers We Serve

The Market for "Better" Ingredients is Exploding.

Growing up around the farm, we know how hard you work to produce the best products. Each week on EATYALL LIVE and the EATYALL Podcast, we interview the chefs, farmers, makers and conscious consumers who are leading the thoughtful sourcing movement serving hundreds of plates of food each week. Hopefully, our broadcasts inspire you to keep doing the hard work of growing, raising or making better ingredients while opening your eyes to the exploding market for better ingredients. Together, we can get your products featured on our livestream and podcast, but even better, we’ll get them featured on hundreds of plates.  

How EATYALL Helps Farmers & Producers Sell More

Mentorship & Promotion Programs

Group & private mentoring programs along with innovative promotion programs that geographically target our extensive chef or consumer networks will help you grow your sales where you need it most.


Host or sponsor an EATYALL Chef Camp, an immersive educational & networking experience for chefs or culinary influencers that has a proven track record of sales results. (Limited availability, virtual opportunities now available.)

Domestic & Global Chef Outreach Programs

Commission EATYALL to conduct effective & cost-efficient domestic or international chef outreach programs that produce measurable economic impact for your producers.


We're here to help you grow.

The pandemic has changed buyer behavior almost overnight. One in 3 Americans bought food online last month. Some farms were unprepared for the influx in business while others lost their entire customer base. There is no one size fits all solution, but one thing is certain: opportunity is knocking. Your operation can avoid the statistics of escalating farm bankruptcy and mental health crisis, but you can’t do it all. 

Andy and Marianna Chapman founded EATYALL in 2012 after more than a decade working in small business economic development, digital media advertising and e-commerce. For a decade, we have influenced hundreds of chefs with millions of dollars in buying power. We also built a network of tens of thousands of consumers who are committed to thoughtfully sourcing their food. When you partner with EATYALL, your visibility and worth in the marketplace will skyrocket, and you’ll feel equipped to navigate the new normal successfully, whether that means learning how to promote products online to ship nationwide, growing restaurant sales or innovating your entire business model. 

At EATYALL, we believe that food farmers and producers have reason to hope in the future, but it requires a fundamental shift in the way you do business. Together, we’ll grow your sales where you need it most. 

Let’s Get You Growing!



Let’s connect, so we can learn about your unique operation.



Work with us to increase sales to your ideal customer type.



Gain confidence & peace of mind for the future.


Put Our Experience in the Food Industry to Work for Your Operation Today.

Ready to make sales a more efficient process by targeting customers who are already interested in better ingredients?


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